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Opinion: Urban farms can make our cities more livable

Spring awakens! Sunshine warms the land and our spirits.

Have we been living in a dream? A dream of complacency? American agriculture has been the envy of the world, yet last year 50 million (1 in 6) of our fellow Americans lacked reliable access to food. Try living for a few days on “half rations.” Or less.  (excerpt from article)

East End Pop-Up Market Bridgeport | Resourceful

Meet “The Deborahs,” two women helping to make a difference in their Bridgeport neighborhood by making fresh produce available at their East End NRZ Market & Café. Deborah Sims and Deborah Caviness share their journey of bringing love and access to healthy food to their community.

Aetna Foundation, American Public Health Association and the National Association of Counties Unveil Winners of National Health Challenge

From Faith-Based Organizations Empowering Healthy Habits to Pop-Up Markets Rebuilding Community Trust: $1.5 Million Awarded to Local Solutions Addressing Social Determinants of Health (excerpt from article)

Maria Montalvo, of Bridgeport, checks out the produce during the opening day of the East Side Farm Market on East Main Street in Bridgeport, Conn. on Wednesday, July 10, 2018. The Bridgeport Farmers Market Collaborative features eight independently-operated markets in different sections of the city. (excerpt from article)

As the economy struggles and poverty rises in Bridgeport, manufacturing jobs are not the only thing leaving town: Residents have had to go farther and farther to find fresh food. But a group of local business people is looking to reverse that trend. They’re opening the new East End Pop-Up Market, which will offer not only fresh food, but also job training and wellness workshops. It’s a solution that can be a model for food deserts across the country. (excerpt from video)

$1.5 million public health prize competition announces winners

Bridgeport, Connecticut’s NRZ East End Pop-Up Market and Café and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina’s Village HeartBEAT initiative emerged today as the top community health projects of the Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge, a partnership of the Aetna Foundation, American Public Health Association and National Association of Counties. (excerpt from article)

During Stop & Shop strike, New Haven, Bridgeport shoppers struggle to find alternatives

NEW HAVEN — As statewide Stop & Shop workers’ strike continued into a second day, some residents in cities such as New Haven and Bridgeport had to figure out Friday where they could shop for groceries in communities so underserved they were declared food deserts by the federal government.. (excerpt from article)

National Public Health Week 2019 Forum

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