Mount Trashmore to Mount Growmore

For decades, the East End neighborhood of Bridgeport, Connecticut, has faced the environmental, health and economic ordeal of Mount Trashmore, a three-story abandoned waste dump. In the 1990s, local community members’ advocacy helped clean up the site. Unfortunately, remediation was incomplete. The site became a magnet for illegal dumping, health hazards, disinvestment, and crime. Yet the surrounding community… Click here to read more

From Trash to Triumph: The Mount Growmore Initiative

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People Places Planet Podcast• Episode 27 • Season 5

From Trash to Triumph: The Mount Growmore Initiative, by the Environmental Law Institute


In this week’s episode of the People Places Planet Podcast, host Georgia Ray dives deep into an incredible transformation journey with her guests Debbie Sims, Suzi Ruhl, David Cash, and Bill Coleman. Together, they discuss the evolution of Bridgeport, Connecticut’s once-neglected Mount Trashmore into the thriving Mount Growmore agricultural, wellness, and learning campus. Tune in to explore the significance of community-driven solutions, the power of inter-sectoral government collaboration, the importance of trusted relationships with academia, and the essential steps that other communities can take to replicate such transformative projects. This episode promises a compelling narrative of turning environmental challenges into community triumphs. 

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